Theft from our McGregor Road Track
Theft from our McGregor Road Track

Unfortunately our Club was hit by thieves between the hours of 5.30pm Wednesday night and 09.30am on Thursday morning.

They have taken the best of and the majority of our equipment, however that will not stop us from riding …

The track will open this Sunday from 9am to 2pm, with no canteen as there is nothing left in there!

Below is a list and some pics of  some of the  items stolen. Along with these items  was all stock in the canteen, including tea towels, aprons,  etc.. etc.

Can you please spread the word and keep an eye out on social media… face book adds, eBay, gumtree, local markets etc….

If you see anything, please call Pakenham police on 5945 2500 and  most importantly,  please do not approach anyone or put yourself in any danger.

Theft from track Feb 19

We had four 3×3  and one 6×3 Quick shade Marquees stolen. Do not have a pic of the 6×3 , however it was just a longer version of the 3×3.

All were red and with KooWeeRup  Motorcycle Club  written in white lettering.

The 3×3 were in a distinctive  black carry case as pictured left.

The 6×3 canvas was in a large white drawstring bag.



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