It’s a New Tractor !! – Community Motorsport Program Grant Application Success
It’s a New Tractor !! – Community Motorsport Program Grant Application Success

Hi Everyone, Some absolutely wonderful news for the club and in particular our McGregor Rd Track with a successful grant application going towards a new tractor and implements for ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the facility. The total value of the grant is $43,972. 

Late last year the Victorian State Government introduced the Community Motorsport Program aimed at assisting Community Motorsport Clubs.  Grants were made available and open for clubs to apply.  After some consideration it was ongoing maintenance of our McGregor Rd Track that presented our biggest challenge and work began on the grant application aiming at a new a tractor and implements to enable improved regular maintenance at McGregor Rd. In the past we’ve been fortunate to have club members always willing to bring their own equipment when asked to assist in maintaining the facility, but the introduction of the Community Motorsport Program has given the club a chance to become more self sufficient in this area. We’ll still need our valued and appreciated volunteers but the new tractor and implements will make life a lot easier and assist in presenting the facility in a safer, more appealing and professional manor.

Our thanks and appreciation go out to the following for their support and assistance in this successful grant application:
  • Victorian State Government for introducing the Community Motorsport Program
  • Our Member for Bass – Labor MP Jordan Crungnale for her enthusiasm, assistance and keeping the club up to date with available grants. (We were happy to welcome Jordan over several hours to our last track day Sunday 23/5/21, see Jordans view on her Facebook Page)
  • Motorcycling Victoria for their guidance and suggestions
  • Last but not least, our Grants Coordinator Jo for a great effort and dedication to the cause !!

Cheers, spanner


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