2020 Queens Birthday Weekend Trail Ride Report
2020 Queens Birthday Weekend Trail Ride Report

The 2020 Queens Birthday weekend ride will long be remembered for nearly being postponed for the first time in its 46 year club history. The dreaded Covid-19 made planning for the weekend extremely hard for Bindo and Beau who kept communication open with Dargo Hotel management. With the easing of some restrictions on the week leading up to the ride, accommodation was sorted but for the first time there was to be no pub bar involved…

Shane with the magnificent Dargo High Plains as a backdrop

After several years as a KooWee Club Member, Shane Halfpenny attended his first Queens Birthday Weekend on his trusty (but a little heavy) Suzuki DRZ400 and was kind enough to give us an insight on the experience….  Thanks Shane

– The queens birthday long weekend trip to Dargo was my first trip away with the KWR bike club and needless to say I had a blast.
I found all the club members very welcoming and eager to pass on there knowledge of riding to all the questions I had before we went on the ride.
The ride itself was very well put together and organised, I came unstuck a couple of times on the Billy Goats Bluff track but Beau and a couple of others on the trip helped myself and another first timer (Russell) get up the hill, what can I say it was awesome..
I had that much of a good time I’ve put my name down for next year. Thanks to Bindo and Beau for organising a great weekend.

Shane Halfpenny


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